The Parallel

Welcome to The-Parallel

We approach every VR/AR/XR solution in order to overachieve and show you the parallel! Fast, agile and always within the budget. We deliver the product thus trying to exceed expectations!
What really lies at the heart of The-Parallel mission is the strive to create meaningful products applying immersive technologies. We are the team of industry experts who believe in the power of disruptive technologies, especially the impact they have on the way people engage with the real world. We assist our Customers to conquer virtual reality and eliminate boredom and monotony.

Our projects

Every product is unique as well as the Customer. Our major concern is to understand the need for immersive technologies and to provide the solution that meets the requirements. The whole development process is a challenge to us as experts in AR/VR/XR as we try to find new perspectives the technologies open that we might use thus adding the value to the Customer.

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