The Parallel
November 2019

The-Parallel Has Been Featured as One of 12 Startups Selected to Present Their Ideas to Investors at XRBase Investor Event

This week I've been to vrdays for the first time and I can't wait for the next year's event to come forward as it was super fun and very insightful at the same time. As mentioned in the previous post I had a privilege to deliver a keynote speech at healthcare summit.

In addition to that The-Parallel has been featured as one of 12 startups selected to present their ideas to investors at XRBase Investor Event. We had great conversations with Dave Haynes, Jenna S.and Ryan Wang, thank you very much for your time as well as sharing your view on our idea!

It was also great to meet Artur Sychov from SomniumSpace, well done guys and best of luck with your project going forward! Many thanks to all the organisers and specifically to Benjamin de Wit, Doede M. Holtkamp and Daniel Doornink aka Daan Kip for organising such an amazing event and for fostering XR landscape in Europe!