The Parallel
December 2019

The-Parallel Recorded an Interesting Outcome of Working with the Data and Analysis of User Stress Tolerance During a VR Session

We've recorded an interesting outcome of working with the data and analysis of user stress tolerance during a VR session in the process of our solution testing, that is CleverPoint. A few words about one of the scenarios.

The user is on the roadway in the middle of the dividing strip. Cars are driving at both sides in front of him. After a certain period of time, the truck crashes into the user at full speed.

Woman, a professional mountain-climber. She got through a risky situation adequately based on her experience. In a state of expecting a danger, her heart began to beat more often, but at the time of the car crash it did not react with an increase in the frequency of contractions. It started nothing but to beat evenly. The diameter of the red oval decreased compared to the orange one. That is to say, she was quite calm waiting for a collision with a car.

Despite the fact that the man claimed that he had had experience in VR many times, and there was nothing to scare or surprise him in virtual environment his reaction to the test reflects the level of anxiety that he has inside (red oval), but he hides it and tries to convince everyone around that he is mega-calm. But CleverPoint does not lie)).