The Parallel

Education VR Solutions

The-Parallel delivers simple interfaces for children and teachers along with gesture friendly content
Classroom learning in the younger years is mostly about showing children and having them learn through experience. Bring unique experiences to the classroom.

Everyone loves to learn when they can do it through a VR/AR application which interacts with them.

Our projects

AR for kids

Being a parent, you always try to find a balance between how to indulge a child and at the same time to add value to the process of identity formation. This is how we've come up with the idea to develop an application for kids that will be engaging and entertaining as well as educational. We've decided to try the topic that is close to both kids and their parents. That is cuisine for kids. Children together with our application discover secrets of simple at the same time tasty dishes that can be cooked by them on their own.

It is Augmented reality application. Using a mobile phone, a child can interact with a three-dimensional object in space. It exceeds the limits of ordinary 2D images and dull receipe books. The player's task is to select the right ingredients for a variety of typical dishes in an engaging, motivating and ispiring way!

Soft Skills training

This is tailored business solution to develop employees' social skills in a relaxed entertaining way. The user has to perform certain commands according to the instructions provided. It is developed by enrolling a group of specialists in the field of corporate training.
Applying this solution the test group showed 34% increase in material assimilation.


As Muslim is one of the most recent religions, it is open to new experiments and cutting edge technologies that help to communicate its values to bigger audience.

As the audience is diverse it needs a common laguage that will be intuitive and easy.
At the same time it demads a tool for better information processing and memorizing.

This solution is a conceptual embodiment of the Quran in a virtual format. It might be used for praying, relaxation, meditation.


How to become smart at school? You need to activate a number of neuron connections that help you in abstract thinking, to process a lot of data and pass tests successfully.

Many subjects and topics during training at school are very difficult for students to understand due to many factors: low level of abstract thinking, low level of involvement in the learning process, low representativeness of educational material, etc.

This VR solution demostrates the information in a user-friendly way and controls the level of users' concentration and engagement.

We make one step further in explaining difficult topis in a simple way: we demonstrate the cell structure in a simple way and provide a tool for interaction with its parts. Applying this solution the test group showed 34% increase in material assimilation


Abstract thinking skills are essential for studying. It helps to exceed the bounds and think about things that are not actually present. Student with abstract thinking tend to look at broader significance of information.

We use disruptive immersive technologies to revolutionize spatial geometry teaching as it is connected with three-dimensional objects and objects in various planes.

Our VR solution involves working with solids as part of the section construction.

We apply gaming mechanics making learning process more interesting and more engaging compared to the traditional learning methods. Applying this solution the test group showed 53% increase in material assimilation according to the tests completed