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The-Parallel enables professionals around the world to treat Cerebral palsy with the help of VR technology.
Millions of children around the world suffer from Cerebral palsy (CP), which negatively affects their physical and psychological health
Standard therapy methods help, but they often lack efficiency, and that prevents physicians from helping patients as best as possible.

At The-Parallel, professional engineers employed VR technology to create products that help treat the symptoms of Cerebral Palsy and enhance rehabilitation process.

Our mission is to use available innovative technologies and make children's lives better.

Why Cerebral Palsy Is an Acute Problem

At the moment, Cerebral palsy is the biggest children disability cause in the developed world. Two in every 1000 newborn children in the UK have CP.

This means that every day a huge number of children, as well as their parents and relatives suffer.
Moreover, the disease creates wider societal and economic impacts. In monetary terms, CP costs the world approximately £1,5 billion a year.

It is in our common interest to cure Cerebral Palsy as effectively as possible.
The main CP symptom is motor dysfunction, not allowing children to live a full life.

Although CP is a permanent disease and it cannot be completely cured due to irreversible brain damage, we can treat the symptoms to make the children's lives better.

Despite the effectiveness of standard rehabilitation methods, the result of rehabilitation depends on the degree of involvement of a child in this process.

How We Can Help Children with Cerebral Palsy

Virtual reality not only makes it easier to involve a child in the treatment process, but also helps to adapt rehabilitation methods to the individual characteristics of a child by analyzing his or her behavior.

Immersive simulations allow to increase patient's perception of the required movement that on its own creates neural pathways. VR therapies are also much cheaper to run compared to conventional CP rehabilitation methods.
We developed a consumer grade Virtual reality equipment and solution that can be used at professional clinics and at home. We analyzed the end users and developed with their help a VR therapy that ramifies rehabilitation process to drive better engagement and perception.

In order to improve habilitation, we included the possibility to collect bio-data during VR session.

This allows to control the therapy as well as to adjust if it is necessary.

The habilitation solution is approved by the rehabilitation center of children with psychoneurological problems. It is proved that the manipulative activity of the limbs has increased 2 times at the patient group conducted VR rehabilitation compared to that group with the traditional rehabilitation.

Here Are the Benefits of Using VR Simulation for CP Treatment

● Advanced patient experience
As we have said, the common methods of treatment may be ineffective and even unpleasant for patients. Based on the clinical trials and healthcare personnel's opinion we identified that children became more enthusiastic about rehabilitation, which provides a sense of self-assurance and confidence that is crucial in CP treatment.

● Safety
Given that most modern methods of CP treatment are based on the use of physical force, there is always the risk of injury for the patient.

Our device allows physicians to treat patients in a non-intrusive way, which eliminates what eliminates this health risk factor.

However, the rehabilitation process should still be carried out under the supervision of a doctor, and if the patient is treated at home, then under the supervision of a parent.
● Affordability and mobility
Currently, CP rehabilitation methodologies vary and use different technologies, however, many current devices are very big and expensive.

Because of this, medical equipment can only be installed in large specialized medical institutions.

Our technology has a more affordable price, and the solution only requires household equipment to run, see system requirements below for further details. is much smaller than its alternatives.
VR-ready PC or Laptop

HTC Vive VR headset or higher

HTC Vive VR trackers

The Parallel's sleeves

CleverPoint interface

System Requirements

Children with Cerebral palsy will be able to get better and more effective treatment. Thus, they will get a chance to live a more full and active life.

The members of their families will be able to provide their children with decent treatment and will be happy to see how their children feel better over time.

Who Can Benefit from Our VR Solutions?

CP Patients, their families and carers
Those hospitals and other medical facilities that currently do not have equipment for treating children with Cerebral palsy will be able to expand their range of services.

They will get new patients and gain a reputation of advanced medical organizations.

Those organizations that are currently treating children with Cerebral palsy via standard methods and technologies will be able to increase the effectiveness and success of treatment, as well as patient loyalty.
Healthcare organizations
Thanks to our product, the State and taxpayers will be able to solve one of the most sensitive and acute problems of modern society..

Government and taxpayers

Here Are the Benefits of Using VR Simulation for CP Treatment

We work together with reputable physicians and psychologists

We rely only on proven medical methodologies

We have a high Clutch rating

We are equipped with the advanced technological stack

We responsibly treat every customer